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Empowering Your Independence

If you ask most people they will say, “I want to stay in my own home for a long as I can.” At Home Nursing With Heart, that’s our goal, too. And that means ensuring you have access to the care and expertise you need – during your recovery, as part of your ongoing disease management or to help you with the challenges of daily living.

Focused on your recovery.

It’s easy to see how the team at Home Nursing With Heart quickly becomes a welcome part of your routine. That’s because our team is not only caring and compassionate, they’re also highly skilled and experienced nurses and therapists who work with you, your physician and your family to help you successfully recover – in your own home. We have long-standing relationships with physicians, specialists and other medical providers and understand how to ensure you get the most from our visits – from friendly conversation to comprehensive care.

Physician preferred and referred.

It’s how we started – providing highly personalized home care to patients of several area specialists. They understand the importance of that continuum of care from hospital to home and how it drives successful outcomes for patients – so do we. As our reputation has grown, so have the number of nurses, therapists and specialty areas we provide. We also work with hospitals, physician clinics, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes. And, Home Nursing With Heart has also grown in the number of recommendations we receive from patients and families. No wonder we’ve been voted “Best of Omaha.”


The care you need, when you need it.

At Home Nursing With Heart, we understand the importance of meeting our commitment to you. We take pride in being on time for our appointments with you and we make the best use of the time we have together to ensure that you’re doing everything necessary to aid in your recovery. How are you? What’s been going well? Where do you feel you’re struggling? Are there any questions? Is there anything else we can be doing to help you? We want you to be successful. We want you to be safe and we want to be sure that everything is going according to plan. We know you rely on us, so we’re here for you – by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A higher standard of care.

When it comes to your health, there is no compromise in the standard of care we provide at Home Nursing With Heart. Our people are more than experts in nursing, therapy, medical social work and home health – they posses a degree of compassion and caring that is second to none. We put you first, ensuring you have the care and attention you need, along with the support that ensures you’re able to be successful in your progress and overall health and well-being. We’re able to help with financial demands of insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. And we understand the importance of working closely with your physician and other members of your medical team to ensure the very best possible outcomes.

Bridging the Gap With Comprehensive Services

It seems simple to say, but everyone really is different. But that shouldn’t impact the choice of home healthcare services. At Home Nursing With Heart, it isn’t. Our team of nurses, therapists, social works and home health aides provides a comprehensive range of services to meet you needs today – and even as they change. So, you never need to look any further than us for the services you need.

Start the conversation.

Whether you’re just beginning to look into home care or you have an immediate need for services, please feel free to contact us – by phone, online or to arrange a visit.


At Home Health Nursing Care With Heart, we truly do love what we do. In fact, that’s one of the qualities that everyone who works here has in common. So, when one of our patients, families or referring physicians takes the time to tell us how happy they are with the care they’ve received, it really means a lot – especially when you see just how many notes we receive. By the way – all comments we receive, both positive and negative, are shared during weekly staff meetings.

My sister "Kitty" is recovering from liver surgery and I must express my amazement at the A-One Care and your very sincere and compassionate care givers that came to my home.

Each one of them treated her with respect, listened to her concerns, and provided excellent care. I am in awe that so many wonderful people work for your company. It is obvious you hire the best! It is impossible to find complete perfection from a business but you have achieved it. I salute you! Jennifer (nurse), Sara (PT), Brad (PT), Becky (PT). These are great people and we're lucky to have them. Peter was the main nurse and OMGoodness! He is absolutely amazing, friendly, caring, kind, knows his nursing and is one of a kind. GOD BLESS you for having Peter on your staff. I will always recommend your company. Thank you for having such high standards.

Christine S.

Dear Home Nursing With Heart,

My husband has been sick for many years. We've had The *** and ** Home Care in the past. Your company has very caring and loving people. It's nice to have the same nurse come to your house each time.

Your company has kept my husband out of the hospital because she's on top of the situation, knows the history, knows when things don't look right, and when I have a question.

His nurse is always very nice and answers my questions day or night. If any of my friends or family need homecare I'll tell them to use Home Nursing With Heart.

Becky B.

I just want to thank the team working with my dad G M. They've done a wonderful job with him. He has more energy and hope now than I've ever seen before. Thanks for all you've done and continuing to help our family. Please pass this message to his team. Thank you!

Daughter of G. Myers, MS, LIMHP

I've used Home Nursing With Heart twice, each time after knee replacement surgery. They provided both Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. They helped me learn what options were available to help me do things with my temporary handicap, how to get things done, and best of all, provide in home physical therapy so I could work on getting around. My regular physical therapist Ken was very patient and nice to talk to. He never gave me more than I could handle and explained things well. Ken and Chris made sure I was prepared for the rigorous PT at an outpatient PT company when released.

I highly recommend this company!

They helped me so much during this difficult and painful time!

Dr. L. B.

Peter and Diane are the best nurses ever. My mom has stage 4 lung cancer and they really helped her and taught her how to do "the drain". They're always helpful and answer any questions I have. "Your staff is great and thank you for everything you've done for my mom".

Archie F Daughter

Everyone who has come out to my house is excellent. The whole "crew" I am working with is amazing and goes above and beyond! Peter is the best nurse I've ever come across. Anyone can say they provide great care and care about their patients, but this company actually follows through with their promise.

Jon Garrison

Their name really does underline the services: allowing the independence of home with excellent nursing support in a compassionate, caring manner.

Craig C., Taylor M.D., F.A.C.C., Cardiovascular Specialists

Without fail, Home Nursing with Heart has given nursing care to patients with multiple physical challenges, most requiring specific expertise that only this agency can guarantee.

Tim Ryan, APRN

I want to extend my full support for the exceptional care Home Nursing with Heart provides for my patient population. Currently Home Nursing with Heart is among the finest Home Health Agencies in the metro area.

Stephen H. Williams, Williams Family Medicine

Her care was great and we felt we were lucky to have such a competent and caring nurse.

Stanley T., MD

The Eifert household has ben blessed with the nursing services with Home Nursing With Heart. They have always been helpful in making so many decisions.

Ellen K. & Tim E.

We were grateful not only for your caregivers’ expertise but also for the loving manner in which it was dispensed. We shall miss each and every one of you. Your service, ‘Home Nursing with Heart, is most aptly named!

Sheila B.

It was so comforting for me to have your help, especially when Joe first came home. He needed another person to encourage him into a healthier approach to recovery. You quickly gained his trust and he relied on you for a lot of help.

Joe & Floy S.

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