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Beyond the physical aspects of medical care, you and your family has the resources and support of the Home Nursing With Heart medical social worker. So, you’re able to identify and address social, financial and psychological challenges you may have as part of your health condition.

Our medical social worker has specialized experience and education, as well as a wealth of knowledge about programs, groups and benefits that are available to you throughout the community. And she’s happy to help make the connections that enable you to take full advantage of them, including assistance with:

  • Medicaid paperwork
  • Medicaid waiver
  • Transportation
  • Mental health and addiction
  • Companion care referral
  • Hospice or end of life transitioning
  • Long-term care and skilled nursing placement



A Higher Degree of Care

As patients go home with more serious conditions, they need a variety of supports to ensure they’re able to get well and remain independent. Home Nursing With Heart’s dedicated LIVE telehealth nurse and full-time medical social worker not only set us apart from other home health providers, they also offer patients and their families a higher degree of care that’s critical for recovery at home.



LIVE Telehealth and Triage Nurse

The only home health provider to offer the services of a dedicated Live Telehealth and Triage Nurse, you gain the additional point of contact and support that’s especially important to the more than 60% of our patients who are identified as high risk.

An experienced cardiology nurse, she not only initiates calls with patients to provide weekly or bi-weekly follow up, she’s also expert at building rapport with patients that increases the likelihood they’ll report changes that can signal the need for added care or attention – preventing the risk of hospital readmission or compromising safety at home. She’s also able to answer questions, provide medicine education and patient teaching – all in an effort to improve the care we provide at Home Nursing With Heart.

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