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If you’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the ability to communicate can become difficult as neurological changes affect the loudness, speed and clarity of your speech. Home Nursing with Heart’s certified speech therapist helps to improve communication through outcomes-proven programs designed specifically for Parkinson’s patients. Through this therapy, we’re also able to strengthen swallowing, reducing the risk for aspiration pneumonia.

This nationally recognized program focuses on the concept of sensory recalibration by emphasizing vocal and neural intonation, intelligibility and articulation exercises. Home Nursing with Heart speech therapists undergo a rigorous certification program available only to professionals in this specialty – LVST LOUD. The program is specially designed to address your unique needs, with:

  • Tailored larynx exercises to improve vocal intensity (loudness) and neural functions
  • Articulation, intonation and sensory feedback recalibration to improve speech intelligibility and communication
  • Exercises designed to improve swallowing and reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia

Once you’ve graduated from the LVST LOUD therapy program, you can continue to practice ongoing exercises as a member of LOUD FOR LIFE, our community-based exercise class.

Through the SPEAK OUT! program, specially certified speech therapists from Home Nursing with Heart lead you in speech, voice and cognitive exercises designed to strengthen the muscles you use for speaking and swallowing and focus on speaking with intent to communicate more effectively. Together, we work through the program workbook with therapy training and self-paced exercises to:

  • Convert speech from an automatic function to an intentional act
  • Improve swallowing to prevent aspiration pneumonia

Once you graduate from SPEAK OUT!, you can continue to maintain your progress with THE LOUD CROWD. These weekly therapy sessions are therapist-led in a group setting to provide you with added support and encouragement.

We also offer certified physical and occupational therapists who provide a tailored plan of care to address functional mobility to reduce your risk for fall and improve overall safety.

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