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From post-surgical wound care and cardiac rehabilitation, to managing heart disease and illness, to reducing the risk of hospitalization and emergency care, Home Nursing With Heart brings cardiac expertise and experience to the home environment.

Some cardiac conditions cannot be remedied through surgery or medicine – but they can be managed. Home Nursing With Heart has a team of cardiology nurses who specialize in this area. They understand how to administer the latest therapies in a home healing environment and help to empower you to control your condition to minimize the potential for problems.

For patients who continue advanced IV therapy for their congestive heart failure in their home, Home Nursing With Heart is able to provide the expertise required to maintain the access site and pump, and recognize the potential for complications. Whether the therapy is recommended as a bridge to organ transplant or end of life, your nurse serves as a compassionate, caring and critical part of your home health team.

Blood clotting problems can create problems – especially if you have a chronic disease, are recovering from surgery, have experienced a trauma or take medication designed to thin the blood. Home Nursing With Heart cardiology nurses understand the complexities of coagulopathy and can address them accurately and effectively.

Cardiac Rehab is an outpatient program that typically follows home health care for patients recovering from a cardiac event. When discharged from the hospital your Home Nursing With Heart specialized cardiac team of nursing and therapy will work with you to prepare you for cardiac rehab. This preparation consists of exercise, cardiac education, support and encouragement.

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